May 19


s+m-7s+m-12s+m-4 s+m_5s+m-38 s+m-61s+m_4s+m-204 s+m-254 s+m-295s+m-388 s+m_3s+m-329s+m-428 s+m_2s+m-404 s+m_1 s+m-461 s+m-449 s+m-469 s+m-498 s+m-479 s+m-685Sue and Matt’s Hummingbird Nest Ranch wedding was pure fun!  These two were all about everyone having a blast, from the lighthearted and colorful dinosaur-inspired decor, to the 3 roving food trucks, to the ferris wheel that spun all night.  Even more amazing, Sue and her family basically DIY-ed all the decor–with crucial help from Jaime at Wild Heart Events and the floral stylings of Oak Barrel and Bloom.  The details were the icing on the (rainbow sprinkles!) cake though, because this couple could not have been sweeter or more in love.  I’m thrilled this wedding is being featured today by our friends at Green Wedding Shoes, so head over there and check out the rest of this fantastic party!

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