October 12


So how does this “collective” work?

First things first: you’re getting both of us.  Yes!  We are better together and we think you’ll agree.  In the initial planning stages, we’ll start a conversation with you about your wedding and depending on your location and availability, we’ll set up a time for you to meet us either virtually or in person.  From booking onwards, we’ll chat about how you want the day to flow and work with you on all the details, from creating a timeline that maximizes the best light to sharing our preferred list of vendors to advising you on what to wear for your engagement shoot.

On your wedding day, we’ll divide and conquer depending on our strengths: for example, Jen prefers shooting details, while Rebecca excels at family portraits.  Most of the time we’ll be shooting together, but one of us will take the lead in directing you while the other takes a step back and shoots from unexpected angles.  It’s a dance, and after many years of working together we’re pretty great partners.

After your wedding, we’ll select our 500-800 favorites, send the film to the lab, and our in-house editor will get to work.  The files will be color corrected and retouched to match our film shots, ensuring the photos are consistent and of the highest quality.  Then they’ll be loaded onto your personal, private web gallery to be enjoyed and downloaded by you!

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