Lizzie & Dan – Ace Hotel Palm Springs Wedding

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Dan and Lizzie got married at the Ace in Palm Springs over New Years’ last year–so romantic!  And as usual the ladies at La Boheme Events did not disappoint–they threw together this casual laid-back affair in three months, if you can believe it.  And how gorgeous is Lizzie’s bouquet by Brown Paper Design?  This wedding holds a special place in my heart because Dan and Lizzie are two of my dearest friends, and just as dazzlingly attractive and charming as they look in these photos!  Head over to Green Wedding Shoes to see more of their shindig.   Hope you love!  xx rebecca

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Sheng & Ken : engaged!

Sheng and Ken are an adorable couple from Singapore who were traveling to the US on holiday.  We took some amazing photos in Sheng’s wedding dress to show her friends and family back home at their wedding banquet.  The soft yellowy glow of the light and the grassy fields were a complete compliment to Sheng’s bouquet that was filled with orange and yellow flowers. xx-rebecca

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Lindsay & Ryan : engaged!

Such a beautiful couple inside and out!  I had a blast shooting Lindsay + Ryan’s engagement session at this gorgeous location! xx- rebecca

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Exquisite Weddings Magazine-Bouquet Feature

A few months ago I got to work with Exquisite Weddings Magazine on their Spring/Summer 2014 bouquet feature. I had the best time meeting the four talented florists involved and seeing what they came up with for a variety of wedding looks. I’d have to say my personal favorite was the soft, full, organic look of Plenty of Petal’s blooms. I love a good olive leaf! xx jacqueline

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Emily + Dan : engaged!

Gorgeous couple, beautiful beach, and amazing light–couldn’t have made for a better engagement session with Emily and Dan! xx-rebecca

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