March 22

Fancy Paw Pics!

Fancy Paws was a wild success, and here are just some of the dogs we met and loved that day!  We’ll definitely be doing this again and can’t wait for the next round!  See more of these cute pups  on Smitten Studio and A House in the Hills and a behind the scenes on notcot.  Big giant thank you to Forge Studios for sponsoring and to NKLA for the incredible work they do.  And to Sarah at Smitten Studio for her help with dog styling! We raised over $2000, so biggest thanks of all to the dog moms & dads who brought their pups out for this amazing cause!

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Love! And wonderful cause. Yay!

Urška Majer

This are too cute!


Words cannot describe how much I love these!!!


These are all so cute and for a great cause!

Meg Sylvia

You all did a wonderful job- these photos are too sweet!

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