We believe that your wedding photos should make you happy, and remind you how much you love your husband/wife/family/ friends/pets/dress/

We believe that when it comes to wedding photography, timelessness is key. Trendy wedding photography is like shoulder pads, tight-rolled jeans and mile high bangs. You don’t want your future children to mock you.

We believe that you should eat at least two pieces of your wedding cake on the day of. Wedding calories don’t count.

We believe that dogs should be allowed everywhere people are (we do not discriminate against cats either).

We believe that wedding dresses do not always need to be white and that bridesmaid dresses don’t need to be torturous... or matching.

We believe that your wedding photographer should feel like a long lost friend on the day of your event, and every day after.

We believe in celebrity treatment for brides and grooms, and that paparazzi don’t have to be obnoxious.

We believe that every single bride is beautiful.

We believe in the fabulousness of Richard Avedon, Patrick Demarchelier, and Helmut Newton.

We believe that it’s not the flowers, or dress, or venue that makes a wedding extraordinary – those things are just frosting on a yummy cake.

We believe in the age old tradition of something new, something borrowed and something blue.

We believe in the new age tradition of seeing each other before the wedding.

We believe in saying to hell with a nest egg and investing in your wedding- you’ll have the rest of your married life to save for your retirement. We also believe that in that fable about the cricket and the ant, we are the crickets who dance all summer long while the ant is busy preparing for winter....we do like to dance.

We believe that small gestures go a long way, and that stellar customer service is the backbone to Birds of a Feather.

We believe that a good wedding coordinator has an “emergency” kit that contains everything but the kitchen sink, and we are so thankful they do!

We believe that a good DJ will get the Grams dancing right alongside your friends.

We believe that liking your wedding photographer’s personality is as important as liking their work.

We believe that what is meant to be, will be.